Life Journeys: An Oral History Project for Hospice Patients

About "Life Journeys"

This initiative is a partnership between Hospice of the Bluegrass and the Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History at the University of Kentucky Libraries. Our goal is to capture the stories and memories of hospice patients.

Your Story Is Important

Oral history records and preserves the personal experiences of people from all walks of life. It offers individuals the opportunity to tell their own unique stories and to share their historical perspectives, greatly enhancing our understanding of the past. Without oral history, most of these rich and illuminating stories would be lost.

Our program was recently featured on Lexington's local public public boradcasting station, WUKY. Click here to listen.

The Process is Easy

Upon request, a trained volunteer interview's the patient at their residence. The interview is recorded. Subsequently, the patient and family receive a CD recording of the interview. This takes about a week.

If you choose, you may deposit a copy of your oral history interview in the Nunn Center archive, so that it becomes available for future researchers to access and learn from.  The Nunn Center has great expertise in ensuring that your interview will be cared for and preserved according to the highest professional archival standards.

What Do I Have to Do?

Simply tell one of your hospice team members that you would like to have your story recorded. There are two simple forms you need to complete prior to an interview. Hospice of the Bluegrass requires a media release form be completed. The Louie B. Nunn Center has a similar release form.